Ultimately, my work is inspired by my love of science, technology, and nature. Rather than delineating art and science as fully separate cultural spheres, I see both of them as sharing the same foundation—using human creativity and well-honed technical skills to explore, understand, and describe our world. To me, the only differences are each field's respective methods, rigor, and outputs.

I use a combination of direct manipulation of media, found media, generative processes, and random processes to reflect the human and natural processes that shape our world, embedding and sharing a spark of my own awe and wonder into the work. Experimentation with a variety of media, both physical and digital, is the cornerstone of my creative process. Also, I encourage indirect audience participation, either through the act of interpreting the ambiguities I present or by offering an implicit invitation to remake, remix, recontextualize, or appropriate my work. I also enjoy exploring the spaces between abstract and representational forms and playing with the inherent contradictions of monetizing "free" digital art via technology.